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Roll On/Off Disposal container with a hydraulic piston

Special offer until 30.09.2020

Disposal container with a hydraulic piston
Disposal container 38 m³,
Built according to DIN 30722-1
Total weight 16 000 kg
Hook height 1570 mm
Thickness of bottom 5 mm
Thickness of sides 3 mm
Loading space length abt 7400 mm (incl. volume flap)
Loading space width abt 2300 mm
Loading space height abt 2200 mm
Hydraulic volume flap, abt. 450 mm tight, grain-tight
Grain slider 300 x 300mm
Alu-profiles with thickness 25 mm
PVC tarpaulin with crank +
Rollfix tarpaulin rollsystem


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We are specialized in design, manufacturing and trade of metal containers for multi-lift and lift-dumper system. In addition to our production range of standard containers we also implement individual solutions and orders.


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